[WriteLog] SO2R - switch focus between radios

Byron Lichtenwalner w3wkr at verizon.net
Tue Jan 8 13:22:46 EST 2008


I shift focus from one radio to the other by clicking on the "other" window. 
The transmission finishes on the original radio, and then I can go ahead and 
transmit on the second window.

rotor control follows the window selection, as do the messages selected 

Byron, w3WKr
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> I'm am still trying to improve my SO2R (single computer/MMTTY) operating
> technique. When transmitting on one radio, if I shift the focus to the 
> other
> radio, the original transmission stops.
> I realized this early on, but in my haste, I still screwed up several
> exchanges because of it.
> 1.  Is this the way it is supposed to be - am I missing something in the 
> set
> up that would allow entering information in one screen while transmitting 
> on
> the other?
> 2.  If not something selectable, would this be a program enhancement we
> should ask Wayne to put on the wish list?
> 3.  Or, does having the ability to do what I described have some unwanted
> effects that I have not considered? - and maybe I should go to two 
> networked
> computers?  (Switching between two mice seems very awkward, how do you 
> guys
> with two computers handle it?)
> Thanks to all for the contacts in RU - happy New Year!
> 73,
> Bob W0BR
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