[WriteLog] Different Mode Start-up Profiles.

Eric - VE3GSI ve3gsi at sympatico.ca
Thu Jan 10 23:58:41 EST 2008

A challenge for the super WL users:
I was doing an experiment tonight and needed a  way to have WL start with a
choice of either a CW or RTTY profile, without making the changes to
WriteLog set-up after the program started. 
 A couple of years back or so, I think someone had mentioned how to have
different start-up profiles for each mode. I have checked the achieves and
can not find the information to create custom start-up profiles - if indeed
there was such an thread. Could also be my mind is playing tricks on me.
All I wish to do is have a one start-up for CW and another for RTTY using
different hardware configurations. There may have been two different .ini
files involved.
Can this be done?
Eric - VE3GSI

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