[WriteLog] Band map & Multiplier window problems

Gary AL9A al9a at mtaonline.net
Sun Jan 20 02:56:40 EST 2008

I am still trying to get WL properly configured under Vista and have 
stumbled into a couple of problems I can't seem to resolve.  Any help would 
be appreciated.

1. The Band Map works with my rig, but there are no band edges or sub-bands 
displayed.  Under Bands/Show Bands I see all the usual contest bands set up 
from bottom to top of the bands for LSB, USB.  I have used the Edit 
sub-bands utility in the WriteLog work group to create sub-bands for CW, 
Digital and Phone for General, Advanced and Extra and have then selected 
Extra as the sub-band I wish to use.  When I start WL the Band Map appears 
with no band edges or sub-bands displayed.  Show Band Edges is checked in 
the Band Map File menu.  What am I missing?

2.  I was using the NAQP SSB contest module as my template to configure all 
the window positions and get the ports and wave file locations setup.  This 
all seemed to work ok, until today.  When I clicked on Contest/Show 
Multipliers... the multiplier window opened in a greatly reduced size, about 
1" wide by 2" high and none of the multipliers can be seen.  Of course, this 
window can't be resized by clicking and dragging on it with the mouse.  It 
had worked properly before and I have no idea how or why the reduced size 
happened.  Another curious thing is that the reduced size only occurs when 
States and Provinces is selected from the drop box at the bottom of the 
window.  If I select North America from the drop box the window resizes 
itself to the proper size and I can read all the multipliers.  I know that 
the window size dimensions have somehow gotten screwed up in the 
writelog.ini file, but have no idea which window is the proper one and what 
I should change the dimensions to for a fix.  Again, help would be welcome.

Gary AL9A

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