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Don Hill AA5AU aa5au at bellsouth.net
Sun Jan 27 22:49:39 EST 2008

Something fishy is going on with this module or with WriteLog.

I just did a complete new install with WL 10.64B and upgraded to 10.65C on my laptop.  I am experiencing this same problem that
Steve AI9T is experiencing with the UKDX module on the laptop with Windows XP Media Edition.

The UKDX.dll module in my main shack PC running XP Pro works (with some minor quirks) running WL 10.65C upgrade also.

The module that works says it was created on January 19, 2008 and it is says it's version  It shows at 65,536 bytes.
The module that doesn't work on the laptop says it was created on January 21, 2008 and also version  It also shows at
65,536 bytes.

They appear to be the same module despite the difference in the date created.

I took the module that works on my main PC and put it on my laptop and it doesn't work.
I took the module that doesn't work on my laptop and put it on my main PC and it works.

Both PC's are running the same WL 10.65C upgrade (the one released to beta testers).  The only thing not in common is the operating

Besides all this, the UKDX module on my Win98se machine (same running the same WL 10.65C upgrade also works.

73, Don AA5AU

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Did anyone else have a chance to test this besides Ric ?

I'm having a problem with the new UKDX module (ukdx.dll ver. that was released with the latest version of Writelog. 

For example, when I open the UKDX contest from the recently used contest list it opens without the 2 station setup screens and goes
directly to the writelog wiindow. The QSO count is present but the score is blank. 
If you click on the "Contest" drop down box the Parameter Setup and Show Multiplier items are greyed out.

If I try to create a new UKDX contest nothing happens it goes strait to the Writelog screen. there are no call entry windows
present. None of the station setup screens appear. This same result occurs if you completely remove the UKDX.DLL from the programs

I have the same exact symptoms with my laptop.

If some of you have some free time I was wondering if you could give the UKDX contest that was just released with the latest version
of Writelog
(10.656c) a try. Please let me know what your results are.

By the way if I put the old UKDX.DLL (ver back it works fine.

Thanks All



Steve AI9T


QSL via LOTW and EQsL

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