[WriteLog] audio LEFT or and RIGHT channel

ve2lx ve2lx at sympatico.ca
Mon Jan 28 12:55:56 EST 2008

On SSB mode my macros operates now and looking on the windows & writelog (sound boards) controls on a second screen at the same time.

Both right and left audio output level control ar used?
If I move the balance to left side immediatly on transmit automatically re-activate rigth side or left side like if both are needed ?

(I connected center pin only on audio output cable to assure left side audio only )
In WL log radio section it is configured this radio is left and only one radio.

Must we write in WL.ini a script to force only left audio side ouput...?
How the audio control operations should be understood...?
Gilles   VE2LX
ve2lx at sympatico.ca


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