[WriteLog] Re KP4ED

Richard L. King k5na at ecpi.com
Mon Jan 28 13:59:14 EST 2008

Why can't you also add KP4ED to the Puerto Rico list in the CTY.DAT?

Wouldn't that solve the problem of both calls?

Maybe I am jumping in late here and I admit that I haven't read 
everything on this topic.

Richard - K5NA

At 11:12 1/28/2008, Phil Cooper wrote:
>Hi all,
>Thanks for all the suggestions on this one.
>However, it appears that KP4E is a valid call, and is actually located in
>Michigan, which is why WL_CTY.DAT is giving you USA for KP4ED.
>Until (or IF!) this gets fixed, you will have to remember that KP4ED is PR,
>and then edit it later on.
>I will put a note by the keyboard on this call, and if I work him, I will
>use KP4ED for the exchange, and then log it as KP4AD, and change it back
>73 all
>Phil GU0SUP
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