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Jim Sullivan jims at psws.com
Fri Jun 6 14:49:47 EDT 2008

I recently upgraded my PC to a new Intel motherboard. The board does not
have a built-in LPT port.

I added in a byterunner LPT PCI card to solve this problem.

Since the card is a PCI card it cannot use the default 3F8 LPT1 PC IO port.

I am using XP with SP3 and WL 10.62H. The OS finds the card and maps it to 3
different IO ranges,

The addresses are available under the system information System application.

The IO ranges are 0x10a0-0x10a7, 0x10a8- 0x10af, 0x1040-0x105f.

These ranges can be different on your PC, depending upon your motherboard
and other add-in cards

I use Direct-IO with WL to open up these ports.

I cannot get WL to work when I try these ranges in Writelog.ini file's
LPT1=0x??? settings.

I have tried mapping these values into WL, being careful to match the

settings with the DirectIO settings for each attempt.


Has anyone successfully used a PCI LPT card that was recognized by WL?

If so, what are your card's IO ranges and what address did you map into WL.

I would also like to know the manufacturer of your LPT card.


Tnx Jim W7EJ

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