Dan Karg dkarg at ekarg.com
Mon Nov 3 19:52:15 EST 2008

 Did you fill out all the fields in the property sheet that comes up when
you go thru the Cabrillo file generation ?. It generates all those headers
when I try it here.

Dan K0TI 
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When my Cabrillo log was sent to ARRL for the CW SS, the Robot did not like
my submission and provided the reasons given below.  I was using WriteLog
Version 10.68F. The Cabrillo info sheet did have the various categories
listed but the pull downs were blank and no information would be accepted. 
What do I need to do?   -73  Jim  w3cp

*** Informative Messages from the Contest Robot ***

[X] No value is found for CATEGORY-OPERATOR: --  I was expecting CHECKLOG or
SINGLE-OP or MULTI-OP, so I set it to the default value of CHECKLOG.

[X] No value is found for CATEGORY-ASSISTED: --  I was expecting ASSISTED or
NON-ASSISTED, so I set it to the default value of ASSISTED.

[X] No value is found for CATEGORY-STATION: --  I was expecting FIXED or
SCHOOL, so I set it to the default value of FIXED.

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