[WriteLog] ALT-K Not Working in RTTY 10.68

Charles Miller n6kw at seanet.com
Fri Nov 7 01:36:23 EST 2008

I'm assuming when you say it works fine with MMTTY, you are 
using MMTTY without WriteLog? If so, you may just need to set 
the PTT in WriteLog to the proper COM port under "Setup/Ports". 
I have had issues with port assignments changing depending on 
whether I used MMTTY alone or with WriteLog.

73, Chuck N6KW

John Desmond wrote:
> I am writing this for Ken W0LSD.
> I have been trying to help remotely to resolve this issue for Ken.  He 
> is running 10.68 and found that when he hits ALT-K or any of the message 
> buffers WL will not key the TX.  The TX comes up fine when you go to 
> RTTYrite and go to the file drop down menu and select type ahead.  The 
> TX is also keyed fine via MMTTY. 
> We have tried reloading WL and removing WL and re-installing it with no 
> luck. 
> Any other ideas out there?
> Ken asked me to post his cell phone number 719/539-5758 if you have any 
> ideas.  He is also on this reflector.
> Thanks, John  K0TG
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