[WriteLog] Audio input port switching incorrectly

Alan Marshall acm at ultranet.com
Fri Nov 21 13:08:24 EST 2008


I am having problems with writelog in my laptop.  The audio input port on 
the laptop switches from "microphone" to "line" when using a packet spot 
from either the spot window or from the bandmap.  The problem is that the 
laptop only has a single input port and it is "microphone" and not "line". 
So I lose the audio input every time I chose a spot.

It is very time consuming to reset the ports during a contest for every 

I have searched through the archives on K9JY and can't find any way to fix 
this.  Has anyone else ever seen this?  I am using the 10.54C version which 
is the latest full upgrade I have.

Any suggestions?

    -Alan, W1CCE

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