[WriteLog] K3 question with v10.68

hank k8dd hank.kohl at gmail.com
Fri Nov 21 22:03:39 EST 2008

I'm not sure I've ever used AUTO for the speed with Writelog with any radio.
Right now I have:
K3/100 on COM1 38,400, poll checked and PTT = YES
K2/100 on COM2 (USB), 4800, poll checked and PTT = YES
Winkeyer2 on COM3 (USB)
And, since I installed 10.68 it has been working fine.

73    Hank    K8DD

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Subject: [WriteLog] K3 question with v10.68

>I have been using version 10.67 since I first put my (2) K3s on the air
> using the K2 as the RIG in SETUP - PORTs.   Just this morning, as there 
> are
> no contests this weekend that I will be participating in, I upgraded to
> v10.68 that has the K3 listed in SETUP - PORTS.  To my surprise it did not
> work.  NO RIG was displayed for both K3s.   (I have Writelog setup for (2)
> rigs with a DXDoubler for SO2R.)    After a few failed attempts at
> resolution I decided to manually set the baud selection to 4800.   They 
> now
> work !!!
> Question:  Why does AUTO BAUD work fine in 10.67 and not in 10.68?
> Is anyone else having this problem?
> 73,
> Bruce - N1LN
> (aka: NC4KW)
> K3# 1062
> K3# 1193
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