[WriteLog] AutoClearOnTuneMinHz=n

Jim Rhodes k0xu at longlines.com
Sun Nov 23 00:16:42 EST 2008

I have mine set to 200 and it seems to work fine. It is in the "Entry" Section.

At 09:37 PM 11/22/2008, William Maurer wrote:
>I tried this phrase "AutoClearOnTuneMinHz=500" but I could not get it to
>work - I tried a couple of different locations in the .ini file.  I called
>Jerry, K6III, this afternoon since he is a close neighbor to make sure that
>I placed it in the correct location.  He said that his is in the [ENTRY]
>section.  I tried that section with no success.  Is there some other command
>that needs to precede this command?  Any help would be appreciated.
>Bill, WB6JJJ

Jim Rhodes K0XU
jim at rhodesend.net

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