[WriteLog] TS-570DG do I need an interface box for CW

Rick Karlquist richard at karlquist.com
Tue Nov 25 14:25:22 EST 2008

The TS570 has a built in ASCII to Morse converter.  If you
control the '570 with, for example, TRX Manager, you can
type text into a window and TRX Manager will send it as
ASCII over RS232 to the '570, which will convert it to CW.
This is like having Winkey built in.

It doesn't sound like Writelog supports this feature.  I
guess you'll have to use an external Winkey type device,
of which there are numerous examples.

Rick N6RK

Wayne, W5XD wrote:
>> To send CW with WL do I need some type of interface box
>> between my rig and computer that's running XP?
> Yes, you'll need something. WriteLog has supported sending CW on the
> RTS line of an RS-232 interface since its very early versions in the
> late 80's.
> But.....
> I really don't like trying to support that any more. Sending CW that
> way requires the OS to give WriteLog response times on the order of
> 1 msec, else your CW will be garbled. All Windows versions are actually
> capable of this, but most of us have all kinds of "stuff" installed
> on our machines now taking up cycles, so I would trust only the
> most PC savvy (or those running the oldest machines with their
> original OS installed) to be sure they actually have found and
> disabled all the drivers, virus checkers, malware, browser plug-in's,
> etc. etc. etc. that compete for CPU cycles just at the critical time
> that turns a dit into a dah. You might be surprised at what kind
> of supposedly useful software can do this (network drivers, IDE
> CDROM drivers, USB hub drivers, virus checkers, etc. etc. etc.)
> There are a number of devices on the market that can do this
> (google "winkey" for example). We used to sell one just for WriteLog,
> but the MK-1100 is out of production now.
> Wayne, W5XD
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