[WriteLog] IC756PROII/Writelog and Feedback

Gerald Wilson gtwilson at integrity.com
Sat Oct 11 01:51:02 EDT 2008

Kirk  N0KK, Lar K7SV, and others,

I have watched the postings on this and didn't comment thus far because I am
not using SO2R--I was not sure I knew what to contribute here.   I do want
to point out my experience which may be of some help since I am using an
ICOM 756 Pro2 and a Heil Pro Set.   I believe it is possible that the
feedback problem is only indirectly related to the equipment cited.  Other
equipment combinations are probably susceptible too.

I experienced feedback when I used my monitor in two (2) ways:

1.   If I used the Heil Pro Set with the headphones unplugged, the radio
speaker projected enough audio to cause feedback when the rig was keyed in a
voice mode.  I solved this by plugging in the headphones; and

2.  Like many others, my computer interface allows recording voice memories
in WriteLog.  Audio is sent to the PC and may be "echoed" to the PC speakers
when your monitor is on depending on your settings.  At first, I did not
realize that my audio/voice was echoed to the PC speakers because I had my
headphones on.   Very shortly, depending on PC speaker audio gain settings
and mic. gain settings, I became aware that things were amiss because that
feedback was very apparent in my headphones too.  Surprise.  I solved this
by turning off the powered PC speakers so that I could continue to use the
monitor which I find helpful.

Again, I'm not doing SO2R here, but maybe the above might help to explain
what is happening to cause feedback.


   Jerry    K7VIT

PS   I own 2 Heil ProSets and have never experienced RF feedback at the home
QTH or at various Field Day sites where things can get interesting. :-))

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Well with all the help on previous questions, I've got the station running
SO2R, all modes, with W5XD multi-keyer. thanks everyone!

Here is my current issue: Running WL and my 756PROII's I am experiencing
feedback in my audio on TX.
I'm using HEIL PRO_SET, and/or HEIL Boom mic plugged directly into the MIC
input of my PC.

This condition is ONLY when the "Monitor" on the PROII's are set to "ON" (I
need a small amount of monitor audio just to tell everything is working.
About 8% setting is good)

When recording my WAVE files, I needed to have the MONITOR off and the MIC
GAIN set way low as well as the COMP gain.

When using .WAV files for TX....(NOT the footswitch and mic) again if
MONITOR is "ON" loads of feedback is present.

Anyone else had similar troubles or have ideas on this?

Kirk, N0KK

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