[WriteLog] 4 hours trying to solve Writelog/mode problem

Shelby Summerville k4ww at arrl.net
Sun Oct 12 07:14:59 EDT 2008

w9ol at billnjudy.com wrote: "Such a fun concept contest...but I will NOT take 
part in the future with this hassle."

Maybe it just takes less, to make me happy? I have little, if any, interest 
in most of the "bells and whistles". I'm using V10.46G, and had no problems 
with the calls "highlighting". I don't use the band map, so don't know about 
that "problem"? Why haven't I upgraded, you ask: "I read the "horror 
stories", after each upgrade, and I don't need those problems. My version 
does exactly what I want it to do....record my contacts, score my contacts, 
prepare a suitable, acceptable log for submission.
Conditions, at least for me, were deplorable, and the "domestic" activity, 
on the low bands wasn't much better.

C'Ya, Shelby - K4WW 

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