[WriteLog] Makrothon bugs

Steve Woodruff sjwoodr at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 12 10:58:08 EDT 2008

Hi Doug,

The author (me) has indeed replied to many (direct) emails about this contest in the past, including the past few days.  I have never ignored any emails that I know of, so I can't guess who you actually emailed reporting the problem.  I don't always read the mailing list, so if that's where you reported your problems originally, then I guess its possible I missed it.  

Good luck with your protest.  I'm sure they could use your log as a checklog even if you don't want to be scored.

Steve N9OH


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Date: Sun, 12 Oct 2008 02:36:56 -0700
From: Doug Nelson <dougn1 at dslextreme.com>
Subject: [WriteLog] Makrothon bugs
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To all who are experiencing problems with this contest, rest assured  
there is nothing wrong with Writelog, your computer, radio or your  
contesting skills.

This is at least the 4th year for this contest and the highlighting  
and radio mode change issues have been with us since day one. There  
have been numerous posts over the years from operators using various  
operating systems, radio's, wl versions etc. with regard to this.

I and many others have contacted the author. I never received a  
response. While we all appreciate the efforts of contest module  
authors, it appears that this author is unable and/or unwilling to  
address these bugs. I have over 20 RTTY contest modules installed and  
none behave in this manner. While there have been some "work arounds"  
suggested, this is not addressing the issue.

While I did put in a short time on Saturday, my personal protest is  
that I will not submit my log and it is unlikely that I will operate  
in this contest again until these bugs have been fixed.



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