[WriteLog] 4 hours trying to solve Writelog/mode problem

Ed Muns w0yk at msn.com
Sun Oct 12 12:51:50 EDT 2008

> I am using 10.65C and the calls continued to highlight in 
> green, as if it was always a new station to work.  I had to 
> keep running thru my log to see if I worked the guy, might as 
> well did paperlog.  Any ideas why it would not let me know it 
> was a dupe?

What contest?  If it was the NA RTTY Sprint, then 10.65C uses the old rules
that allowed "dupes" on the same band as long as there were three
intervening QSOs.  The only way you got red highlighting in that version in
the RTTY Sprint was by entering a call sign that was in the last three log

The "legal dupe" rule was eliminated after the March 2008 Sprint and Wayne
updated WriteLog version 10.67 in May 2008.  I got lots of red highlighting
in the Sprint last night from stations who hadn't gotten the word on the
rule change.  N1MM Logger, WriteLog and Win-Test were all updated for the
rule change this past summer. 

Ed - W0YK

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