[WriteLog] No Mode

Joe Subich, W4TV lists at microham-usa.com
Sat Oct 18 23:27:11 EDT 2008

Is your Omni VII configured for standard Omni VII protocol 
or for the hybrid "CT/SteppIR" operation (is "Serial IF" 
Omni-VII or SteppIR/CT)?  

If Serial IF = SteppIR/CT the modes are reported in Orion 
format and not Omni VII format.  Since I don't have an 
Omni VII, I do not know if WriteLog expects it to operate 
in the Omni VII or SteppIR/CT mode. 


   ... Joe, W4TV 

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> I am having problems with not getting the mode from the radio 
> to follow into the software. 
> Set up is this.  OS Vista. Rig OMNI VII Micro ham router 
> (Micro Keyer).  Write Log 10.68F. It will read 
> the freq and mode ok on the router.  It will also read the 
> freq ok in Write Log.  It will not follow the radio when I 
> change modes.  But I can change the mode from the keyboard 
> Control/ F1.  It changes ok but only through the keyboard.  
> Any of you out there with this problem?  Thanks for all of 
> your help. Rog KI0F _______________________________________________
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