[WriteLog] wav files

Courtney Judd K4WI k4wi at earthlink.net
Mon Oct 20 21:24:17 EDT 2008

head scratchier!!! setting up the weekend coming and all of a sudden I have 
lost access to my wav files If I hit any of the F keys with the VOX 
activated, the rig keys up and a message with the location of the wav file 
with not found attached. ex: E:\Documents and 
settings\Courtney\Writelog\waveFiles\msg5.wav not found. But that is where 
they are located. I have made the setup\messages browse for this location 
but when I go there thru this route... it shows empty because I believe it 
is looking for files with the extension *.wl or *.cnt ... naturally these 
are not .wav files and I can't make the file type menu look for anything 
else.. Hope this makes sense... any suggestions?? help thanks, Cort K4WI 

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