[WriteLog] Wave Transmit Hold Question

N3BM n3bm at finnsfield.net
Wed Oct 22 14:15:39 EDT 2008

My wave files are recorded and work fine, with no real issues.  I would,
however, like to shorten the amount of time the transceiver remains in
transmit after the wave file has played.  I've edited the wave file so that
there is no extraneous information nor "dead spaces" to prolong the
transmission but the transceiver still stays in transmit for 2 seconds after
the wave file has played - way too long for contest purposes.

Question:  Is this a function of WriteLog or the Pro3?  If it's WriteLog,
how do I change the setting?  (If it's a Pro3 setting and someone just
happens to know the answer please respond.)

WriteLog v10.60F

PVRC - ARRL - FIST #11934

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