[WriteLog] Sequence Number - Out of Band

John Desmond jdesmon at qwest.net
Mon Oct 27 00:56:01 EDT 2008

    I had a couple of things happen this weekend on my log. 

I have a couple QSO's that have a B next to the sequence number.  This 
notes that the contact was out of band.  One QSO shows it was on a valid 
frequency for hat contact and another was clearly wrong.  But it was 
wrong due to an RF issue in teh shack that occasionally messed up the 
rig freq readout from the MicroKeyer.  I must have logged the  QSO when 
the numbers were messed up. 

In either case I edited the QSO's freq and the B has not cleared.  Any 
ideas on how to make that go away so the contacts will be scored by WL 
in it;s totals?  I know they will show up on the Cabrillo log fine and 
the robit will take care of that, but I would like to have my score 
calculated before I submit it to 3830.

TNX es 73, John  K0TG

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