[WriteLog] Windows off the screen!

Jerry Flanders jeflanders at comcast.net
Sat Dec 5 08:54:36 PST 2009

Change their location coordinates in the writelog.ini file. Make them 
the same as windows that display properly on your existing monitor, 
then re-start WL.

Jerry W4UK

At 11:08 AM 12/5/2009, KC4HW wrote:
>One of my monitor cards crashed.  Rather than buy a new one right now,
>thought I would just make do with one for a while.  Business been bad!
>Anyway, I had certain window displaying on the second monitor and 
>now will not
>come up on the signal monitor.  They are active, but off screen on 
>the primary
>I know there is a way to reset them all to the primary monitor but 
>could not find
>anything on the reflector.
>Anybody got any help for me...  Thanks
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