[WriteLog] How to batch print labels across several files

Gary AL9A al9a at mtaonline.net
Sat Dec 5 10:03:33 PST 2009


I handle this situation by not using WL QSL labels.  Instead I export the 
contest log as an adi file and then import those QSO's into my general 
logger, in my case DXBase.  Then from the general logger I manage the QSL 
card info, print labels, track DXCC, WAS, WAZ, etc.  This method gets all 
the QSO's from various contests, bands and modes into a common data base 
where they are much easier to work with.

Gary AL9A

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>I feel like I'm back in the 20th century when I receive a shipment of QSLs
> from the bureau. I want to print 40 or 50 labels but the QSOs are strewn
> across many different WriteLog contest files. Plus it's tedious to go into
> the individual files to tag the QSOs and then print out the 5 or 6 labels
> from that file before moving on to the next file.
> I've resorted to using LOTW screens to search for the QSO. Then I copy and
> paste the data into a Word document so that I can massage it to fit on a
> label. I'm feeling embarrassed as I try to describe the process.
> How have the smart hams solved this problem? Are there programs available 
> to
> extract the information from LOTW, or WriteLog, or MixW? And how do the
> foreign hams manage to get multiple QSOs on one label?
> 73,
> Mike K2MK
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