[WriteLog] New user question

Jacob Tennant k8jwt at comcast.net
Tue Dec 8 18:55:25 PST 2009

I have read over the manual but I am still trying to figure this out. . .

I am running the newest version of Writelog (just bought it tonight) and for 
voice keying I have a MFJ Deluxe Sound Card interface on serioal port COM1 
and cant seem to figure out how to get it setup for use as it does my 
RTTY,PSK31,voice keyer duties.

I keep seeing references to LPT1 which I know is a printer port but my 
computer has no printer port, just one serial and 5 USB ports.

To further my question for Christmas I am getting a new laptop and I already 
know it has ZERO LPT or COM ports, all USB ports.

I am trying to get this all setup for the ARRL 10meter contest this weekend 
if possible.

Thanks for any help or advice,
Jacob Tennant - K8JWT 

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