[WriteLog] CAT Problems with FT2000D

aldewey at aol.com aldewey at aol.com
Mon Dec 14 04:33:37 PST 2009

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By default, the FT-2000 requires RTS/CTS handshake.  You will 
need a cable with 2,3,5,7 & 8 or you will need to disable 
handshake in the FT-2000 menu (check your manual) and disable 
RTS support in Writelog. 


... Joe, W4TV 

OK.  I'll try the 5 wire cable.  But I thought that turning Menu Setting 30 
to "off" DID disable RTS support.
I tried that (with the 3 wire cable) and had no luck.
I also tried it with a 9 wire point to point cable with RTS "On" and still 
no luck.
Al, K0AD

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