[WriteLog] Anybody have experience writing Rig Driver and/or Front Panel for Writelog?

Alfred Frugoli ke1fo at arrl.net
Wed Dec 16 20:41:10 PST 2009

Hello folks,

I'm looking to enable some additional rig control functions for my K3 by
adding a custom rig driver to Writelog (specifically around filter settings,
and other receive settings - noise blanker, noise reduction - so I can
control those functions with a shuttle/jog device like the
 I'm no programmer, but I have some experience with VB, and generally can
figure out most things with some pointing in the right direction.

Has anybody written a rig driver for Writelog, specifically in VB?  I'd love
to be in touch to get some specific questions answered and hopefully get
started moving in the right direction.

Thanks in advance.

73 de Al, KE1FO

Check out my Amateur Radio Contesting blog at ke1fo.wordpress.com.

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