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K0CF k0cf at mchsi.com
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I use WriteLog successfully with the Icom IC-7600. There are two 
solutions to your problem: 

1. Edit the CIV address of the IC-7600 in the "Others" menu (clear 
down near the bottom) in the 7600 to make it look like an IC-756PRO3;

2. Edit the writelog.ini file to change the CIV address there. This
is the option I use.  If you do this, find the "[RIGS]" section of 
the ini file and add the following line:
    Icom IC-756PRO3=0x7A

(0x7A is the default CIV address for the IC-7600. Note that if you are 
using either Windows Vista or 7, the writelog.ini file you must edit 
is in the "virtual store" under your user name, NOT in the Windows 
folder. If you need more info on this, either search the archives or 
email me directly.)

After adding the Icom... line to writelog.ini, choose the IC-756PRO3
as your rig in the WriteLog "Ports" menu, set the baud rates in both 
the IC-7600 and WriteLog to match (do not use "auto"). I use 19200 

Note that in the "Ports" setup dialog, you can click on the "Help"
button to learn about all the settings. Also, in the search pane at
the left side of the help window, you can double-click the "[RIGS]"
section to learn all about the settings in this section of the ini

Works like a charm!

Craig, K0CF

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My version 10.74D marked on CD  loads show 10.73
In the setup window under ports,should I be able to select my exact  radio  
I can not shows pro3, 7700, 7800 ect  but not 7600.
I still can not track freq with my 7600.
I tried it today with a friends pro3 and out of the box works fine.
I have send e-mails to the guys that i bought it from but guess they are on 
 holiday or swine flu!
                                                        wayne k8lee

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