[WriteLog] OLE Automation error

KC4HW kc4hw at centurytel.net
Sun Dec 20 05:14:01 PST 2009

Hey Garry, 

Thanks for this post.  I had the same problem and found your solution and re-
install my lastest version and it fixed the problem with the packet and band map 

I too use a program called Register Defense and apparently it is removing some 
from the registery as well.  

Perhaps somewhere along the way someone will post what is happening here 
and then possibly that can be exempted from the the registery utility cleaning.  
Otherwise the reinstall seems to work very well. 

Thanks again. 


> A week or so ago, I sent several messages requesting assistance to
> explain OLE errors that appeared when opening WL contest files, which
> prevented opening packet and the band map. I had supposedly "fixed"
> the problem by downgrading from ver. 10.73 to 10.69. This turned out
> not to be a fix.
> I think I now know what caused the OLE problems.
> Not long ago, I installed RegCure on that computer, for reasons that
> now escape me. It's one of those programs that scans the registry to
> identify "errors" which are then "fixed" (deleted) when one makes that
> choice. It has never been clear to me exactly what the criteria are
> for determining "errors". One also determines how often the program
> scans and presents its results. It always finds things to erase, even
> just after a scan and purge have been performed.
> My initial observation had been that the problem "went away" when I
> replaced 10.73 with !0.69. I subsequently observed, when setting up
> for SS, that relief was short-lived--the OLE problem reappeared after
> days, and irrespective of WL version. When I next saw the RegCure
> screen, I had a Eureka moment; that was today, during the CW SS. I
> needed to close and reopen WL, and when I did the dreaded OLE box
> returned.
> I will bet that each time RegCure runs, it scrubs something essential
> from the registry that it thinks is an error, and the next time WL
> opens and looks for that item or items, it is not there. Reinstalling
> the software restores the missing item--until the next scan.
> So I uninstalled RegCure and reinstalled 10.73d, and we shall see what
> happens or does not happen.
> Garry, NI6T


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