[WriteLog] Digital mode differentiation in logs?

Tom Carrubba KA2D ka2d at arrl.net
Mon Dec 21 07:05:08 PST 2009

Hello Jim

The work around is to edit the adi file. Replace RTY to the mode you used...
On one of Jim AD1C webpages is a list of the different codes for adi file.

Happy Holidays
Tom KA2D

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> An increasing number of digital contests consider different digital 
> formats to be separate modes for scoring purposes.  Similarly, LoTW 
> recognizes PSK31, PSK64, Olivia, MFSK16, etc., as different modes.
> WriteLog appears to lump all digital modes together as RTTY in ADIF and 
> Cabrillo files, as well as in the internal log.  This is clearly not 
> desirable.
> Does anyone have a work-around to that causes WriteLog to save the actual 
> digital mode identifier and export the actual identifier in output files? 
> If not, this might be a useful addition to the WriteLog development list.
> 73,
> Jim, W8WTS.
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