[WriteLog] Problem with installing Write Log Ver 10.55 D on Window7 machine

Barry Merrill barry at mxg.com
Wed Dec 23 02:10:00 PST 2009

I used LapLink PC Mover to move 10.69D from XP to 
Win 7 Ultimate 64-bit on 64-bit hardware and thus
far it works by itself with no problem.

The Microham USB Router does not work on Win 7, but the
vendor confirms they are testing a new release to be
available at the end of January that will Support Win 7.

I did have some initial problems trying to copy a file
to the C: drive using a Command Box; even though I had
disabled UAC and am an Adminstrator Account, I found
you must make the Command Box "RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR"
to do anything.


Merrilly Christmas

Barry, W5GN

Herbert W. Barry Merrill, PhD
Merrill Consultants
MXG Software
10717 Cromwell Drive
Dallas TX 75229
214 351 1966 tel
214 350 3695 fax

P.S. I also installed the (new, free) Windows XP Mode
     (not available in the Home editions of Win 7)
     because I have an ancient 16-bit DataFlex application
     that must run, and it does work fine in that Windows
     Virtual PC, but the Microham USB Router did not work
     in that XP Mode box.


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