[WriteLog] Question on USB FSK

aldewey at aol.com aldewey at aol.com
Wed Dec 23 17:35:53 PST 2009

I am trying to get a second radio going for RU using a Keyspan USB to 
Serial Converter.
Following AA5AU's  instructions on his Web Site, I was able to get it 
working fine through MMTTY using EXTFSK.  However, Don has a note at the end of 
his writeup that says EXTFSK is not supported from within Writelog using the 
MMTTY Plug In.  Is that still the case?  
Sure enough, if I try to use the COM port configured for the USB converter 
from within Writelog, it does not work (i.e no diddle).  Don also mentions 
that Software generated FSK can be used from within Writelog if you use 
RTTYRITE as the TU.  That does , indeed, seem to work.
Does that mean that there is really no way from within Writelog to use a 
the MMTTY engine for the second radio if I am going to use the USB to Serial 
Or am I missing something?
Al, K0AD

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