[WriteLog] Problem with Writelog and MMTTY on Windows 7 64-bit

Gary AL9A al9a at mtaonline.net
Tue Dec 29 15:29:43 PST 2009


I don't have Windows7, but do run MMTTY V1.66G with WL V10.73D with the 
MMTTY plug in.  I think your problem may lie in where you are installing 
things.  I have MMTTY installed in the root directory C:\ rather than in 
Program Files.  This avoids the problem with the Virtual Store path with 
User Account Control, which I hear Windows 7 also employs.  I do have WL 
installed in Program Files and the WL plug in must also be installed to the 
WL program folder in Program Files.  If the plug in is successful you should 
find the file mmrtty.ocx in your WL Programs folder.  I think this is what 
makes MMTTY show up in the TU pull down menu.  You then point it to your 
MMTTY installation.  Hope this helps.

Gary AL9A

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Subject: [WriteLog] Problem with Writelog and MMTTY on Windows 7 64-bit

>I am having a problem with Writelog and MMTTY on a computer running
> Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit as follows:
> I have installed Writelog v 10.73D, MMTTY v 1.66G, and
> MMTTYPluginForWritelog v 1.3. Writelog works OK, including Rttyrite,
> both send and receive. However, the TU type pulldown menu in Rttyrite
> does not list MMTTY at all.
> I have installed Writelog in C:\Program Files (x86) which is the
> default, MMTTY in C:\Program Files (x86) which is the default, and the
> plugin whereever it goes. This did not work.
> I uninstalled everything and tried again. I installed Writelog in
> C:\Writelog, then restarted the computer. I installed MMTTY in the
> default location and restarted the computer. I installed the plugin and
> restarted the computer. Still no MMTTY as a TU type.
> Am I missing something? Is there something that has to be added to the
> INI file?
> 73, Jim  VA3HJ
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