[WriteLog] WriteLog Digest, Vol 84, Issue 18

Gary AL9A al9a at mtaonline.net
Wed Dec 30 21:31:54 PST 2009

For those who do not also subscribe to the Microham reflector please see the 
message below that I sent to Microham Tech Support and the Microham user 
reflector earlier this evening.

PROBLEM SOLVED!!! Once again cockpit error on my part. This is getting 

When I set up router for the 7600 I went to the Ports tab and Set the hex 
address for the 7800 driver to be 7A, the default for the 7600. What I 
forgot was the System Settings tab also has a hex address setting for the 
CI-V port setting. The next to the last instruction in Jozef's note finally 
set off an alarm in my dim bulb mind. Sure enough the Settings Tab was set 
to 6A from the 7800 driver. As soon as I changed this to 7A the 7600, the 
PW-1 and the MKII are happily talking to each other again! When will I ever 

Thanks so much Jozef and Joe for the help and aploogies to the reflector for 
consuming so much bandwidth with what turned out to be "my bad"!

Gary AL9A

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Still can't get the PW-1 to recognize band changes so the challenge

Gary AL9A

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I use the IC-7800 driver for my IC-7600.   I can type in a frequency and the
radio goes there.  It also works when typing in a split frequency.

73 de Ron NØAT

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