[WriteLog] Which Microkeyer is supported by Weitelog?

DF5SI df5si at df5si.com
Thu Dec 31 05:11:49 PST 2009

Hi all,
I changed from my 5 years old Asus laptop to a two time more expensive
Thinkpad and I was really surprised that I got only a Mic In and a Audio Out
jack on the internal soundboard.
My old Asus had  Audio In, Audio Out and Mic In jacks and with an PCMCIA
adapter to 4 x RS232 and my home made interface it was an excellent solution
to running Writelog.
Now I have to buy an external soundboard or maybe one of the one box
solutions from Microham.
Just want ask which Microham USB interface is supported by Writelog in such
way that I can use Writelog as I did it before. I found out that only the
Microkeyer II has all this capabilities (Mic In, Audio Out, Audio In) but
I'm not sure.
Any ideas?
73!, and Happy New Year
Gerd, DF5SI 



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