[WriteLog] Two sound cards and MMTTY

Nicholas Roy Smith nicksmith at citlink.net
Tue Feb 3 22:05:46 EST 2009

I can get it to work on the left radio and right radio but it takes about 20 to 30 minutes of trying to find out which one is which.  However when I save everything and start writelog again I have to spend that much time getting it setup every time.  Writelog won't save what I have setup.  I used save configuration but won't.  

I saved MMTTY in two directories and try that method but don't know how to tell the left to operate from one directory and the right to operate from the other directory.

It seems that the selection of 1 and 0 change from start up to start up.  I am totally confused as how to cure this. 

Anyone know what to do?
Nick Smith

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