[WriteLog] Clicking in Bandmap changes modes when not desired.

Walt Flesher w6sa at cox.net
Sun Feb 8 01:30:14 EST 2009

I finally got my Vista 64 Bit computer setup and running on all digital apps.  Thanks for the assistance.

I am running Version 70C with MMTTY 1,66G for RTTY.  I set up my bandmaps and they overlap in CW & RTTY areas.  I am set on RTTY running FSK on my FT-1000MP and when I click on a call in the bandmap it will often change to CW, although another call in the same area will stay or revert to RTTY.

I tried not overlapping the modes in the bandmap and still have this issue.  I did a search and did not find anything pertaining exactly to this issue.

What am I overlooking?  Didn't have this issue on the old computer.  Is there a setting somewhere in the INI file for this?


Walt, W6SA

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