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Jim Rhodes k0xu at longlines.com
Thu Jan 1 10:39:08 EST 2009

I have a touchpad on the laptop and use it when I am too lazy to get 
out the wireless mouse, or am working where there is no surface 
available to run a mouse over. I never could get used to the 
trackball I tried. So this is not a direct comparison. The touchpad 
required an adjustment period before I felt comfortable with it. I 
still feel less accurate with it and once in a while I will still 
bump it with a trailing finger and jump the cursor halfway across the 
screen. I have never felt comfortable enough with it to use it during 
a contest. YMMV

At 07:52 AM 1/1/2009, Courtney Judd K4WI wrote:
>Hi all,and HNY! I am looking for some advice on keyboards. I am thinking
>about purchasing a wireless keyboard with built in trackball. I have found
>several on the internet...most made by Adesso...some with trackball; others
>with touchpad. I currently use a trackball;  prefer it over a standard
>mouse. How does a touchpad work? Am I going to like going to a built in
>all-in-one for contesting and general logging with Writelog and/or DX4WIN?
>Any comments or suggestions welcomed! 73's Cort K4WI
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