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Roger Marrotte rmarrotte at verizon.net
Thu Jan 1 10:57:50 EST 2009

I've tried a trackball a few times.  I hated it.  Mouse pads are a little
better but still awkward for me.  I've known some people who have loved
trackballs and wouldn't use anything else.  They used them 8 hours a day at
work.  I had a wireless keyboard and mouse.  For some reason RF got into the
keyboard and really messed things up in a contest.  It's been about 5 years
since I've had one.  I don't know what frequency it used.  I've never had
any problems with a cordless mouse.  So I've stuck with a corded keyboard,
it doesn't have to be moved very often. There's nothing like a cordless
mouse.  A mouse with a cord does nothing but get in the way.

Roger, W1EM.  Happy New Year to all.

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Great timing on the post Cort, because I am also thinking along the same

Although more expensive, I think that Bluetooth - as opposed to the 27 MHz
'wireless' - is the way to go and I have been recommended the Logitech
MX5000 wireless keyboard and mouse.  Haven't made any purchase yet though,
so would be very interested to hear from others with their recommendations.

Happy New Year


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