[WriteLog] Ver-10.70C now ready

Ron K5DJ k5dj at austin.rr.com
Wed Jan 21 20:59:06 EST 2009


The new features are:

Fix handling of %Z with no network letter Fix Cabrillo generation for OK DX
RTTY contest Add settings to [RIGS] for initializing RTS/DTR for Rig COM
ports add IC 7700 rig entry.

%Z in a message sends "other" radio's frequency %Z in a message sends
frequency without units

We also addeded an automated "local announce" feature to add spots to the
Packet Spot window. The automation is based on any time you add a station to
the bandmap, that station gets "announced" to the Packet Spot window and, if
stations are networked, is repeated to the stations on the local network.

This new feature is turned ON by default, but a new INI entry is added to
turn it off.

  73, de Ron K5DJ


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