[WriteLog] Looking for the .INI file

Charles Miller n6kw at seanet.com
Sun Jun 7 15:10:22 PDT 2009

In Windows XP, WriteLog.ini is stored in the folder
C:\Windows, along with a couple hundred other files.
It's in the main directory, not in any of the sub-folders.
Yours may vary.

Chuck N6KW

Greg5TA at aol.com wrote:
> All
>     I am running version 10.32E and I am trying to find  the writelog.ini 
> file and a search of the drives does not reveal the ini that is  in use.  I 
> have found a version on C drive but it is not changing when I  make changes 
> in Writlog.
> Thanks
> Greg 
> KG5TA 
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