[WriteLog] RTTY Contest Logs Wanted for new MASTERRTTY.DTA

Bob Raymond, WA1Z bob at wa1z.net
Mon Jun 22 16:21:46 PDT 2009

Hello RTTY Contesters,


I'm taking over maintenance of the MASTERRTTY super check partial file from
Don, AA5AU.  Thank you, Don, for maintaining this database and for all
you've done and continue to do for RTTY contesting!    


I will begin including the MASTERRTTY.DTA and .CAL files in the standard
Super Check Partial releases beginning on July 5th.  MASTERRTTY.DTA contains
only active RTTY contester callsigns extracted from RTTY contest logs.  


Between logs received from Don and the RTTY logs submitted for the standard
SCP, I have about 400 logs from over a two dozen RTTY contests held in the
last two years.  I could really use a lot more.  If you have any RTTY
contest logs from 2007 through 2009 and would like to contribute them to
generate the next MASTERRTTY files, I would appreciate you sending them to
logs at supercheckpartial.com.  If you know you have submitted RTTY contest
logs to either AA5AU, K5ZD, or me already, there is no need to resend them -
I probably have them.  If you're not sure, I'll be happy to take them again.


My usage policy is as follows:  All logs become property of WA1Z.  Logs will
be used for the sole purpose of generating SCP files and will be held for a
period of two years.  RTTY logs will continue to be used to help generate
the standard SCP as well.


For more details about Super Check Partial please visit
http://www.supercheckpartial.com <http://www.supercheckpartial.com/> .



Bob, WA1Z

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