[WriteLog] Multiplier Pop-up Window Off Screen

Dave Earnest k7jj at arrl.net
Mon Oct 19 12:05:57 PDT 2009



Solving most of my problems.............


Running Vista Home Premium and latest Writelog.


When selecting "Contests>Show Multipliers", the pop up window is way off in right field somewhere. I assume window position X=1 and Y=1 would put the pop up in the upper left hand corner of my monitor. I've tried editing the position under windows.ini [Multipliers] to no avail. What's up? This didn't happen to me with XP. I have figured out how to modify the writelog.ini file in Vista.


Anyone run in to this problem? Have a fix?





Dave Earnest,K7JJ

k7jj at arrl.net


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