[WriteLog] Band changes

Gary AL9A al9a at mtaonline.net
Wed Sep 2 22:11:54 PDT 2009

I'm setting up for the All Asia DX SSB contest this weekend as SOAB and have 
a question regarding band changes and how WL handles the 10 minute band 
change timing.  The AA contest rules include a 10 minute rule similar to CQ 
WW for single transmitter stations.  Only one transmitter and one band are 
permitted during any 10 minute period, except one other band may be used 
during any 10 minute period only if the station worked is a new mult.  Since 
I've always operated single op I never paid much attention to the WL band 
change timer, but am curious if it would be of use.

The WL help manual for the Band Changes window seems to indicate it only 
works for multi-op single transmitter operations.  The pertinent text is as 

"The Band Change window's behavior depends on whether there is a 
multi-single column in the logbook, and depends on whether the contest 
module is programmed to tell WriteLog about what muti-single and/or 
multi-two operations are allowed.

For this window to run keep both the top and bottom displays current, you 
configure the logbook for logging RUN or MULT QSOs (or Mulit-2 A/B QSOs). 
Otherwise, WriteLog counts all the QSOs as RUN (A) and only the top row in 
this window updates. You use the Radio This is RUN (A) Radio/This is MULT 
(B) radio menu entries. The first time you select one of these, WriteLog 
asks to add the "m" column to the log, which is necessary for multi-single 
operation. This same "m" column will become the "txid" column in the 
Cabrillo output."

Apparently timer behavior also depends on the contest module being used and 
I have no idea what the All Asia module does in this regard.  Anyone have 
any thoughts you'd like to share?

Gary AL9A

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