[WriteLog] WL and MMTTY - saving MMTTY settings

Ray Day rayday at cox.net
Fri Sep 4 09:13:48 PDT 2009

Hi all,

I have the SM6... MMTTY plug-in for WL and it works great - except for one 

I can't get it to save settings I want for the MARK frequency - IT really 
likes 2125 (traditional), but I like 1275. I change it to 1275 in the MMTTY 
plug-in "set options" area, change the freq for "ham" to 1275, etc. and try 
to save it all by clicking on OK in the MMTTY (under WL) options area. (and 
without "AFC" checked, BTW). 170 shift set, if it matters. It stays at 
1275, then I change active windows a bit and notice that it's set itself to 
2125 again. Hrmph!

Any help from the WL / RTTY Guru-Team?

Thanks in advance, Ray N6HE

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