[WriteLog] Problem to update Writelog. SOLVED!!!

Alejandro Valdez, XE1EE xe1zvo at prodigy.net.mx
Thu Sep 10 18:21:30 PDT 2009

Hello i solved the problem by doing this:

1.- I downloaded the Full Version 10.69 (the first one i bought)
2.- Started the installation to allow unzip the needed .CAB file
3.- Aborted the installation when the unzipping was done
4.- Ran the update to version 10.73 and that was all!!!

We have to keep in mind (now I learned that) the CAB file is unzipped into a
TEMPORARY folder, and when we do some maintenance that file erases. So what
we have to do is to copy that CAB into a NO temporay folder.

73 de XE1EE

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I have a problem while trying to update to versión 10.73


The installation begins fine, but when the status of installation changes
to:  “Copying New Files”, appears an error saying “Source File Not Found”,
then the path of temporary folder and the file “WlFull01.cab”, “Verify the
file exists and that you can access it”.


The installation cannot continue and i have to abort it.


This problem occurs only on one of my computers (this one where I’m writing
the message), and also I have WL installed on 2 other computers here at
home: a Dell and Acer One, and the update was succesful on both of them.


I use the Dell with WL connected to an Icom IC756 ProIII

The Acer One is for portable use with a Yaesu FT857D.

And the problem is with this PC, connected to Yaesu FT857D. 


The 3 PC has Windows XP


The version running here is 10.71, I noted i cannot update to 10.72 also.
Any idea?


Tnx and 73 




Alejandro Valdez O.

 <http://www.dxxe.org> www.dxxe.org





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