[WriteLog] MMTTY Plug In setuo

Gary AL9A al9a at mtaonline.net
Mon Sep 21 23:05:54 PDT 2009

Ok, I'm now joining the multitudes of confused folks trying to setup the 
MMTTY plug in for the CQ WW RTTY contest coming up.

I have the full MMTTY program installed at C:\MMTTY and it runs fine with my 
Microkeyer II.  In the Microkeyer II Router I have Com 1 set for PTT, Com 2 
set for CAT and Com 6 set for FSK.

I've installed the MMTTY plug in (under Vista Home Premium - 32 bit) and 
have gotten MMTTY to show in the Rttyrite screen under TU type by coping the 
pertinent writelog.ini lines from C:\Windows\writelog.ini to the real ini 
file in the Virtual Store.  After getting an error message about being 
unable to open the sound card I manually selected the Microkeyer II Line as 
the input and am getting random characters printing on the Rittyrite screen 
and noise showing on the XY display in the MMTTY control panel.

I have selected Com 6 under Rittyrite Ports and have also selected Software 
Generated FSK TXD in that menu.  On the MMTTY Plug In Setup menu on the Misc 
tab the Tx Port box shows the Sound radio button selected and the other two 
choices grayed out.  According to the plug in help section at AA5AU's web 
site, the grayed out boxes indicate the port is not set in the Rittyrite 
Ports menu, but it is -Com 6???  What am I doing wrong?  Device manager says 
all the necessary virtual ports are there.

Gary AL9A

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