[WriteLog] Status for WriteLog next couple of weeks

DickT-W0RAA dickt at w0raa.com
Tue Apr 13 15:07:12 PDT 2010

Good luck, Ron.  Been there - done that.  Recovery is about 6-8 weeks and 
the key is do your exercizes on a daily basis.  It's not a fun surgery, but 
you'll be glad you did it.

Keep us all posted.


K5DJ Wrote:

>I will not be able to process WriteLog orders effective this Friday, April
>16 until further notice. We hope to

>be back online by May 1. I will post a note on writelog at contesting.com and
>on writelog.com when I'm

>back.  I will be having knee surgery (make that knee replacement), not sure
>how long I will be in Hospital or how long in re-hab.  I will be back on 

> 73, de Ron K5DJ

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