[WriteLog] Setting number of Search and Pounce memories

Tom Carrubba KA2D ka2d at arrl.net
Wed Feb 17 09:53:58 PST 2010

Hi Ray

Why not use the Band Map to store these stations?
Right mouse click to send station to band map.

You can also use the packet spot window and set time to a longer duration...

Both methods can follow your band changes.

GL -Tom KA2D

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Subject: [WriteLog] Setting number of Search and Pounce memories

> Hi all,
> WriteLog sure made RTTY WPX fun! Hope everybody had a good time....
> I looked in the Help file and the .ini file but can't find out how to
> increase the number of P&P memories to a number greater than 4. Is this
> possible? How?
> This is important to a peanut whistle station like mine - I could use 
> about
> 10-12! I need the bands to change in my favor or the pileups to recede, 
> and
> coming back a bit later really helps!
> Thanks,
> Ray N6HE
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