[WriteLog] GetScores Script for ARRL DX CW

Wayne, W5XD w5xd at writelog.com
Fri Feb 19 07:29:17 PST 2010

>It seems I need to modify the writelogv10.gus file for the ARRL DX contest
>this weekend, as what's in the file is for the IARU.

If you are running WL 10.74 or later, then the file to start with is
WritelogIARU.gus, which you will find in WL's \programs folder. (If you are
running an earlier version of WL, then I don't know--that was too long ago).

The "documentation" for how to change this file is in the file itself:
   ' how to adjust for other contests...
   ' The "SummaryValue" property requires two parameters--the row title and
the column title
   ' It returns the value in WriteLog's "Band Summary" window that
corresponds to the row
   ' and title.

The IARU file has this:
Getscores.QSOCount("160") = wlSummary.SummaryValue("160M CW", "QSO") +
wlSummary.SummaryValue("160M PH", "QSO")

Looking at WL's Band Summary window for ARRL DX, the script should be
changed to this:
Getscores.QSOCount("160") = wlSummary.SummaryValue("160M", "QSO")

...and for multipliers
Getscores.Mult1Count("160") = wlSummary.SummaryValue("160M CW", "ZN") +
wlSummary.SummaryValue("160M PH", "ZN")
Getscores.Mult1Count("160") = wlSummary.SummaryValue("160M", "DX") 

Wayne, W5XD

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