[WriteLog] AutoCQ wont work...

Gary AL9A al9a at mtaonline.net
Sun Feb 28 11:48:03 PST 2010

Does your CQ message play by itself, without using the auto CQ?  If not, 
take a look at the audio file settings for your CQ message and then compare 
that to your other messages.  The audio file properties must be the same for 
all wav files or WL will not play them.  I record mine at a sample rate of 
22050 Hz with a sample format of 16-bit.  The sample rate and sample format 
must be consistent across all audio wav files for them to play correctly.

Gary AL9A

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Subject: [WriteLog] AutoCQ wont work...

> Hi
> I cannot get my Auto CQ to work in latest update of Writelog in cw or 
> rtty.
> I push ALT-T and set 7 seconds delayed on F1 or F11.
> Tried both Auteresume on/off.
> Any idea?


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